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Date:2010.10 - 2011.03
Summary:Website and brand design for precious metals e-store based on the 100sklepow.pl platform.

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Project description

ZlotyKruszec.pl e-store main page
ZlotyKruszec.pl e-store catalog

Tendersoft.pl at the beginning was involved with e-commerce and precious metals. A need arose to create new brand and website that could facilitate physical gold and silver sales through the internet channel. 100sklepow.pl was chosen as an e-commerce platform as it offered best set of features for the lowest price.

Using iterative process, we have created new logotype and custom site design. On top of that, thanks to close cooperation between staffs of Tendersoft.pl and 100sklepow.pl a new REST API was developed and some optimization changes were applied to the whole e-commerce platform which benefited not only ZlotyKruszec.pl but also all other clients of 100sklepow.pl.

The results of the project were both, a new ZlotyKruszec.pl brand and value added for our business partners.

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